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3 Simple Habits To Hit Your Goals

You cannot totally eliminate a bad habit, but you can definitely replace them with good ones. Mindfulness is required in pursuing your goals, of which includes scrutinizing your habits to see if it’s hindering you in achieving your goals. Admittedly, habits are hard to form, unless of course, you implement it regularly or daily. In starting to form a simple, uncomplicated habit though, you will have more success in following through.

It is important also to remember that to be effective in forming new habits, your determination — your willingness to apply it into your life is a key ingredient. Without this eagerness, nothing you will do will ever be completed with the highest possibility of positive yields. So, if you want to accomplish something, first decide to stick with it no matter how tough it gets.

It’s rare to find a very successful person that has only one habit that helped him achieve his status. Usually, these successful peeps have a collection of good habits that they practice consistently to compliment them in executing their plans. Thus, aside from determination, forming a new habit successfully also requires you to do it regularly so as to familiarize and become comfortable with it until such that you do it effortlessly.

There are so many good habits you can start implementing in your life, you should take some time to determine which set you need in order to reach your goals. And if you really need a little help, try cultivating these three simple habits.

Journal your thoughts and ideas promptly.

Sometimes the best ideas you have, gets lost in the absurdity of the mundane that distracts you daily. It’s frustrating when you can no longer remember a bright idea or thought which may have momentarily visited you the other day. Don’t risk losing these brilliant ideas because it may be the ticket you’ve been waiting to reach success. And one sure way to capture these thoughts’ is to journal it straight away. Don’t wait until you ‘have the time’, keep a handy notebook or a post-it, or write it on your phone’s note app. You can also try recording it on your voice memo app, or compose an email and send it to your active account so you can return to it when time permits.

Hone your core strengths daily

It’s not enough to know that you are naturally good at something, it’s better to be a master or even a genius at it. Set aside time every day to improve your skills. If you are good at so many things, try picking one to master for a certain period of time. Choose the one that will help you tremendously in hitting your goals. Building your core strengths daily not only enhances your talent, it also open doors of profitable opportunities.

Make and keep your promises to yourself.

Just like forming a new habit, sometimes keeping a promise is just plain hard. It’s not that you don’t want to, it is just that circumstances keep you from doing so. Yet, despite it, try making and keeping promises to yourself on a consistent basis. Promises like doing your hardest to developed the two habits mentioned above. This is something good to practice regularly because making self-deposits to yourself builds your character; you are holding yourself accountable to your own actions.