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Why Being Frugal Makes Us Creative and Resourceful

In the modern world we live in, our life has become more complex and our needs too, expands day by day. Sometimes, we are confused what things to prioritize and we end up trying to determine what our real needs are. Our needs had rapidly increased and we hardly cope with it especially when we already have a family of our own, the time when we try our best to reconsider our finances.

When we have so many needs we can list of, it soon becomes a challenge dealing with it. We may become financially drained and might end up indebted to other people or in banks. All of us know that when we have debts we do not only pay for the capital amount, but we also pay for the interest charged. And if left unpaid, it compounds.

However, if there is one person who can be spared in going through this situation, it is someone who is frugal. A frugal person knows his financial limits, including how to utilize his resources effectively.

Why is that so? A frugal person practically knew his money spending, he allocates certain amount for his daily expenses and he is in complete control of exhausting his available assets or resources. Consequently, a frugal person become creative and resourceful in exploring other options to meet his needs.

In doing so, people who are frugal tends to better discover themselves, their talents and skills, and use these knowledge to their advantage. In this case, we are being taught that if we look deeper, there are various options for us which can help minimize our expenses.

For example, when we need a quick and simple fix to be done in our house such as a clogged sink and toilet, we can opt doing it by ourselves instead of calling a plumber. Or in doing some mechanical repair of our own car instead of asking a mechanic to do it for us, and even installing or changing a door lock instead of hiring a carpenter can save us a lot of money. When we are frugal, it unleashes our resourcefulness and sometimes it helps us learn doing practical stuffs too.

Being frugal, we try to do things by ourselves and try not to hire someone else to do simple tasks. This not only adds to our savings, but it also adds empirical life experience. We also become creative by learning or making researches on how to do certain things.

Practicality is the main virtue of a frugal person. In real life, when we are frugal we tend to do household chores like bleaching our clothes without damaging it, properly declogging or cleaning our sinks and bathrooms without spending too much, or redecorating or renovating our homes without breaking the bank.

These are just few instances which clearly shows that being frugal has an edge in terms of spending money wisely and saving more of it. The beauty of being a human being is that when we really want something, despite limitations, we can choose to exercise our ability to be creative and resourceful.